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5. Brown Sugar:
Sidney (Sanaa Lathan) and Dre (Taye Diggs) become friends at a young age because they both love Hip Hop. As adults, Dre is a successful owner of a record label and Sidney is a music journalist who feels disappointment when she finds that Dre is getting married to Reese (Nicole Ari Parker.) Although Sidney is in a relationship with Kelby (Boris Kodjoe,) she is torn about her feelings for Dre.

4. Love and Basketball
Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) grow up living next door to each other and strike a love-hate relationship rooted in their competitive love of basketball. They finally succumb to their attraction for one another and begin dating at the end of high school. The challenge of balancing their love lives along with problems in their families becomes too much for the couple to handle. They separate and are reunited for another shot at their love.

3. There’s Something About Mary:
Ted Stroehmann (Bill Stiller) can’t go to the prom with his dream date, Mary Jenson (Cameron Diaz) because his penis gets stuck in his zipper. Over a decade passes and he hires Pat Healy (Matt Dilon) to investigate Mary. They fall in love until Mary’s friend, Tucker (Lee Evans) intervenes.

2. Love Jones
Nia Long, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women to grace the big screen plays Nina Mosley, a talented photographer who experiences love at first site with Darius Lovehall (Larenz Tate.) As Darius prepares to perform at an upscale jazz club called the Sanctuary, he meets Nina and changes the poem to an improvisation called, “A Blues for Nina.”

1. The Notebook
Rachel Mcadams stars as Allie (Rachel McAdams) who falls passionately in love with Noah (Ryan Gosling). When the couple seperates, she realizes that her heart still belongs to Noah even though she develops a relationship with Lon Hammond (James Marsden.) This romance proves that true love can not only stand the test of time, it can blossom and be even sweeter the second time around.

the notebook

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