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By: Crystal Finlay

Every year, at least one of the tenth graders in my World History class broke down in tears when I showed “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.”  No matter how rambunctious the student, their attention remained fixated upon the friendship that sparked between an 8 year old Jewish boy in a concentration camp and the 8 year-old son of the man who ran the joint.   Great cinema has this affect on people of cultures all over the world.  This is why the Manhattan International Film Festival, held in New York is not only a film festival, it’s a central hub for cultural exchange.

MIFF web banner 2013

The Manhattan International Film Festival’s sponsor, World Youth Alliance is an international coalition of young thinkers who promote the dignity of the person and knocks down the barriers between countries worldwide. This year alone, more than 60 directors from all over the world submitted entries to the IMFF panelists.  However, only 15 film directors were chosen to showcase their work at the United Nations!  They include:

–  Timothy Reckart, United States (Academy Award nominee for his short film, “Head Over Heels.”

–  Jay Chern, Taiwan                                                                               netflix

–  Ana Aleksovska, Macedonia

–   Genevieve Clay-Smith, Australia

–  Adrielle Esteban, Philippines

–  Damian Dionisio, Argentina

–  Li-Da Hsu, Taiwain

–  Kikole Kim, United Stated

–  Chee Yong Lim, Taiwan

–  Yu-Wei Lin, Taiwan

–  Inshallah Monterp, Philippines

–  Christian Manzi, United States

–  Anita Rivaroli, Italy

–  Greg Rodriguez, Philippines

–  Pedro Resende, Portugal

Films that receive prizes will be screened at the United Nations and the anticipation at the Moviepot is building everyday until the festival.  Featured films in the festival are going into February’s Moviepot newsletter so all subscribers, be sure to check your emails for regular updates.