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Beyonce’s Top 8 Sexiest Dance Videos

Beyonce’s latest song, “Bow Down B*t*%es has stirred controversy throughout the entertainment world.  Keysha Cole got slaughtered by Beyonce fans near and far for her Twitter vent about the song.  While the video and the concept are very entertaining, the lyrics shouldn’t be shared with young girls who idolize Beyonce.  This is one of Beyonce’s many videos that are intended for mature audiences.

The video’s cinematography includes slow motion shots of a scene from a 14th century European castle where Beyonce is queen.   They bow to her as she repeatedly demands her subjects- everyone who listens- to bow down!  It’s dramatic to say the least.  Beyonce’s best videos are those where she shows off her dancing skills that she always executes in such a sexy way.

This list of Beyonce’s sexiest dance videos is also a snap shot of her career as one of the industry’s sexiest women alive.

#8. “Freakem’ Dress”
Beyonce is the center of attention in a swarm of men who watch as she dances in several tight-fitted club dresses and stilettos.  The wardrobe ranges from lace lingerie pieces to a hip-hugging gold dress which she wears as she does her most noted dance move of the video.    At about 2:20 seconds into it, she twerks and pops her back in and out as she rises from the ground while looking at the camera.  The sexiness continues as Beyonce and others strut down a runway laid with neon pink lights.
By the time this video aired, the world was nose deep in Beyonce’s relationship with Jay-Z.  Bonnie & Clyde had long been released yet the couple continued to work at maintaining their privacy.  Their joint scenes are particularly sensual as Beyonce tugs at his pants and he touches her while she dances.  He can hardly control his smile when she dances behind him.
6. “Sweet Dreams”


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Beyonce’s restless sleep is broken by a nightmare that elevates her body in the video for “Sweet Dreams,” a single released in 2008 from her album, “I am Sasha Fierce.”  She joins a dance trio dressed in all black in what appears to be a dessert at dusk.  Reflected rays from the sunset beam as the trio introduces Beyance’s solo routine that is centered in an all-white background.  The color contrast makes way for a series of impressive split screen scenes where Beyonce walks to opposing sides of the camera from the center.


5.  “Dance for You”

Of all the sensually luring videos that Beyonce releases, her most mature video of them all is “Dance for You,” the single release from her fourth studio album titled, “4.”  The video is set in the work office of one lucky man who is given the honor of watching as Beyonce proceeds to show her love by slow dancing alone with a chair.  Wearing stockings, black underwear, and a fitted dress, Beyonce moves from the chair, to the desk, and finally to the front of a window to the song’s beat.

4. “Crazy in Love”

Slow motion camera shots show Beyonce in red stilettos power walking down the middle of an empty street in booty shorts as the video opens.  Two wardrobe changes later, she sports a baseball cap while doing her signature “ugh-oh” dance.  The most enticing shots here are toward the end when she breaks a fire hydrant and dances as water drips down her body.


3. “Get Me Bodied”



Here, Beyonce is accompanied by Kelly Rowland, her younger sister, Solange, and an entourage of dancers who are making the most of a night at the club.  Her presence stops all music momentarily as the party-goers all ask, “Who is it?”  By the time Beyonce gets acclimated to the party’s vibes, she’s successfully changed the party’s tone by initiating a partnered routine between the men and the women on stage.  The chemistry between Beyonce and her dance mate for the scene on stage is classic as they appear to be competing for the limelight yet sharing the fun energy at the same time.   The song’s extended version is where the most creativity of the video is shown toward the end.
2.  “Run the World”


In “Run the World,” Beyonce’ plays the head general of an army of woman/girls who are positioned for war against a male troop.  The men are equipped with shields – the best forces they could find to fend off the female’s enticing moves.  The video opens with a choreographed solo where Beyonce summons her army.  The routine places emphases on shoulder movements to a snare drum’s beat.  Her footwork that follows is both technically challenging but executed with ease.  About midway through the video, she leads the crew’s dance number dressed in boots that accent her well crafted thighs.  Disgusted by their inability to properly attack, the men continue to watch as Beyonce reminds them that girls run the world.

1.  “Single Ladies”


Beyonce presumably made history as the artist whose music video generated the most parodies to date.  Her release, “Single Ladies” from the album, “I am Sasha Fierce” not only has a catchy club banging beat, but includes lyrics that glamorize the sexiness of marriage.