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Title: Richard Pryor: Icon
Genre: Documentary
Produced by Outpost Entertainment
Director: Marina Zenovich

Richard Pryor: Icon is a documentary about the legendary comedian, Richard Pryor that shows his rise to stardom from a poverty stricken background and the demons that contributed to his deteriorated health. Guest commentators include notable comedians such as Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, and George Wallace. Professor Todd Boyd of the University of Southern California Cinematic Arts provides commentary on the cultural impact of Richard Pryor’s controversial style and how it originated as an impersonation of Bill Cosby. Film Director Michael Schultz speaks of Pryor both as a friend and colleague while Rashan Khan elaborates on his experience as Pryor’s bodyguard.

This documentary show how Richard Pryor grew up in a whore house that his abusive grandmother ran and where his mother was employed. Despite his obstacles, Pryor became a socially conscious performer who abandoned the safety of his Cosby-like routine. However, an almost fatal burn accident with cocaine and journey to Africa contributed to his evolution into a more spiritually aware being.