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Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Rating: R

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out is a satirical horror film about an interracial couple, Rose (Allison Williams) and Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) that visits Rose’s parents, Missy (.Catherine Keener ) and Deen (Bradley Whitford) at their home town. All seems well at first. However, strange events reveal a sick truth about the race relations of the suburb.

Get Out is both bold and thought provoking because it challenges the social ills associated with racism through a seemingly innocent love story. The film score is reminiscent of the string ensembles in the Tales from the Hood (1995) and sets an eerie tone early on. Initially, it’s easy to fall in love with both couples, their quirky hang ups, and their efforts to establish a solid relationship. However, Missy and Deen’s black servants, Georgina (Betty Gavriel) and Walter (Marcus Henderson) exhibit strange behavior that draws concern for Chris’ safety. Get Out is a must see psychological thriller that will make the viewer think, laugh, and root for Chris every step of the way.